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The Set Apart curriculum are exciting Bible-based curriculums based on over 30 years of children’s ministry experience and have been used to teach children in different settings. 

Set Apart Curriculums - exciting Bible-based curriculums teaching children to live for God.

The Set Apart curriculums are Biblically based and doctrinally sound to produce spiritually mature disciples of Christ from childhood. The Word of God is made alive with its relevant life applications, interactive learning and stimulating follow-up activities.

Regardless of the subject matter, all the Set Apart curriculums are designed to help children to know God and live for Him daily.

The Set Apart curriculums come with teacher guides, 3 levels puzzle BLAST! for 1-6 graders, and puzzle BLAST! & coloring for preschoolers. The curriculums are available for sale on Amazon worldwide marketplace.

Set Apart Child exciting Bible-based Curriculums
Exciting Bible-based Curriculums

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Preschoolers Believe in Jesus curriculum - teaching preschoolers how to believe in Jesus
Believe in Jesus curriculum - teaching children how to believe in Jesus
Life of Jesus curriculum - teaching children about the life of Jesus
Bible Study on Joseph for older children and youths
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