Many times, when there is something to be written, people turn to me, “Bisi, why don’t you write that?” I guess the assumption is that because I am a writer, writing should be a piece of cake. I wish. Unbelievable as it sounds: I don’t enjoy writing.

Before you crucify me, let me clarify: I don’t enjoy type-writing. In the olden days, before the era of laptops – I skipped the typewriter era, I wrote my manuscripts with pencil on paper. Then writing was fun. There was something about writing on paper especially with pencil that gave me the rush… still does. Fast forward, in today’s tech world, handwritten manuscript has become a lost art. And typing on the laptop has become the norm. Hence, my dilemma: TYPE-WRITING.

My only problem with type-writing is that I don’t like typing. I am an average typist, at best. I still have to look at the keyboard to type. Also, the red line that highlights word typo is a major pet peeve… I MUST get rid of it before continuing type-writing. Therefore, getting down my thoughts is a chore. Now you get the gist?

I have considered different options to get around type-writing. Dictation? Nope. Find it extremely difficult to articulate my thoughts verbally. Convert handwriting to text? Sketchy. Tried OneNote and it didn’t work. Hand write and pay someone to type? Not happening. Can’t afford it.

What I’ve found that works for me is to hand write first and then type. Yes, I know… it seems (and maybe is) inefficient. And it still comes back to T-Y-P-I-N-G! But that is what works for me. My first draft is always handwritten. So are major edits. Since I can’t get away from type-writing, I pray to God for strength to type and keep typing. Then I just suck it up and type-write. Thank God for His grace!

PS: Lack of love for type-writing is my legitimate excuse for the irregularity these blog postings… 😊

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