English: Which Version?

In this tech age, spelling shouldn't be a problem. After all, every word processing software has spell check program. Yeah, but not when there are different versions of the English language. As a writer, this problem is confounded for me by the virtue of the three different cultures I have lived in.

I am a Nigerian by birth. Our official language is the British English. Since I had most of my schooling there, of course, I favoured (or favored… pick your choice) the British English. Then we moved to the United States. I had some schooling there as well. I had no choice but to convert to the American English if I wanted great grades. Graduated Summa cum laude. Thanks, I am proud of me too. Now I am Canadian by nationality. Apparently, we have our own version of the English language as well.

So, what is the big deal? Just use the Canadian English. According to lukemastin.com, “Canadian spelling generally aligns itself with the British version, although with some significant American variants. This being the English language, however, there are of course plenty of exceptions, and exceptions to the exceptions [see my problem?].” It doesn’t help that Microsoft Word (I am a great fan of anything Microsoft and Windows: I use the Office suite, have a Surface Pro 4 laptop, etc. You get the picture? Sorry, I digress) defaults to American English.

Anyways, I can’t thank God enough for Google – the indispensable writing resource. I am almost half a century old and I can’t remember the pre-Google era. Again, I digress. Old age must be kicking in. Oops, sorry... Through Google, I found lukemastin.com – an excellent resource for Canadian, British and American spellings. With some careful editing, I can truly claim to be a Canadian author indeed and in words!

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