Many Parts Of Me

There is a saying: Jack of all trades, master of none.

That was me – first part, hopefully not the second. My sisters joke that I am the busiest unemployed person ever. Ouch! Last time I checked, writing is an employment. If I am not traveling, I am hosting, or cooking, or doing stuff for people, church and home, among trying to a devoted wife and “mother” to my two young adults.

My husband, Dele, gets to go to these exotic places for work, so I tag along. It’s fun traveling on some else’s dime (sorry, dollars). Then there are the social trips – attending weddings and birthdays of families and dear friends all over the globe.

In between travels, we host one or two sets of guests each month. Seriously, I am not kidding. Like my daughter wrote in her blog, we Nigerian have no concept of hotels. Apologies, no disrespect intended. I enjoy having people in my home, so I invited them for lunches, dinners, parties or just to hang out. Fortunately, I love batch cooking which I do quite often. My perfect excuse not to be embarrassed about my three and half freezers.

In addition, there are other life-issues that fight for my writing time. Signing off my laptop when Dele gets home to spend quality time with him. Trying to be there for my kids when they have time for me. Volunteering to do web and graphic designs for church and friends. How can I forget the never ending, not-so-fun household stuff?

You ask, (well, I am assuming) how do I find time to write?

The secret is resting in God’s grace and trusting in His strength. And thank God for my gym (another time grabber) buddy’s advice, I have writing days. Three working days a week (of course, when I am not out of town) are STRICTLY for writing. Life goes on the other two days and Saturday. That leaves Sunday as my Sabbath (I guess church is part of that).

Unlike Jack, I like to think that I am Bisi of many parts yet a writer.

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