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What I Believe

Early in my ministry to children,

I bought into the then popular opinion that teaching children

was sowing seeds in their lives that would germinate when they became adults based on Proverbs 22:6.

This shaped my false belief that it was okay for them to backslide as teenagers, because they would eventually come back to the Lord as adults.


Thank God for growth! When I received the call of God to children’s ministry in 1998, the Holy Spirit revealed to me, based on John 17:17, that children could be successfully ministered to, to be SET APART by the truth of God’s Word to live for Him NOW! I am totally convinced that it is possible for children to become saved and live for God daily at any age. Just like adults, children need to be discipled from the Word of God, so they can grow spiritually.


As a result, all the materials I have written for children, including the exciting Bible-based curriculums, are based on solid biblical truths broken down into as many lessons as are needed to aid their level of understanding and comprehension.


My life, ministry and my writings are based these key points:

  • The bible is the Word of God. I believe it and live by it.

  • Jesus is my Savior and Lord.

  • God the Father is my heavenly father and the creator of all things for His own pleasure.

  • God the Son is Jesus Christ who died to save me from sin and rose again so I can live for God.

  • God the Holy Spirit is my teacher and guide.

  • Everyone has sinned and must believe in Jesus to be saved.

  • After being saved, I must live for God in all I think, say and do.

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